The C.C.C.

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Izzie Egan 

The Contemporary Collectors Club is a private members society that is currently still in its infancy. The society was formed to allow like minded individuals, wishing to play a larger part in the art market to meet, network and mingle.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the Art Market is a very small world, where power and play tends to remain within certain hands and certain circles.

However the “Taste Makers” today were once just like the members of the Contemporary Collectors Club. They were dedicated, committed and prepared to work for what they wanted.

The Contemporary Collectors Club aims to make participation within the art market both interesting and exciting. Our events will become places where members can network, share ideas, discuss new artists and investments as well as socialize within a group of like minded intellegent people. We aim to increase our social network and thus develop a strong and dependable bond within the Society.

In 2007 we plan to meet in both New York and London. The CCC will also try and unite members who are visting Art Fairs, and travelling internationally. We will also be recommending new artists that are a must see, Galleries collectors cant afford to miss and up and comming exhibitions.

If you would like to learn more about the Contemporary Collectors Club please email me at or visit


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